Jerome Zhengrong Liang, Ph.D.

Professor, Departments of Radiology, Computer Science, and Physics & Astronomy.
Program in Biomedical Engineering.
Lab Director.

Research Interests:

To develop quantitative SPECT imaging modality as a cost-effective means for patient diagnosis. To develop high resolution PET as a functional research imaging modality. To develop virtual colonoscopy as a cost-effective procedure for colon screening. To develop automatic method for brain-tissue segmentation in diagnosis of disorders. And to build various models, in terms of physics, mathematics and statistics, to simulate the practical problems above and then to validate the models by experiments.

Selected Publications:

Z. Liang, H. Lu, D. Metaxas, and J. Reinhardt (2007), "Medical Imaging Informatics: An information processing from image formation to visualization", Editorial to the Special Issue of Medical Image Reconstruction, Processing and Visualization for the International Journal of Image and Graphics, vol.7, no.1, 1-15.

Z. Liang, W. Higgins, R. Summers, and H. Yoshida (2004), "Introduction to the Special Section on Virtual Endoscopy", Editorial to the Special Issue for the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol.23, no.11, 1-2.

Z. Liang (2001), "Virtual Colonoscopy: An alternative approach to examination of the entire colon", INNERVISION, vol.16, no.10, 40-44.

Z. Liang, D. Chen, R. Chiou, A. Kaufman, M. Wax and A. Viswambharan (1999), "On Segmentation of Colon Lumen for Virtual Colonoscopy," SPIE Medical Imaging, vol.3660, 270-278.

Z. Liang, J. Ye, J. Cheng, J. Li and D. Harrington (1998), "Quantitative Cardiac SPECT in Three Dimensions: Validation by experimental phantom studies," Phys Med Biol, vol.43, no.2, 905-920.

Z. Liang, J. Ye, J. Cheng and D. Harrington (1996), "Quantitative Brain SPECT in Three Dimensions: An analytical approach without transmission scans," Computational Imaging and Vision, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 117-132.

M. Wagshul, T. Button, H. Li, Z. Liang, C. Springer, K. Zhong and A. Wishnia (1996), "In Vivo MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Using Hyperpolarized Xe-129," Magn Reson Medicine, vol.36, no.8, 183-191.

Z. Liang (1994), "Detector Response Restoration in Image Reconstruction of High Resolution PET," IEEE Trans Med Imaging, vol.13, no.2, 314-321.

Z. Liang (1993), "Tissue Classification and Segmentation of MR Images," IEEE Engin in Med Biology, vol.12, no.1, 81-85.

Z. Liang and R. Jaszczak (1990), "Comparisons of Multiple Photon Coincidence Imaging Techniques," IEEE Trans Nucl Science, vol.37, no.3, 1282-1292.

Z. Liang, R. Jaszczak and K. Greer (1989), "On Bayesian Image Reconstruction from Projections: Uniform and non-uniform a priori source information," IEEE Trans Med Imaging, vol.8, no.3, 227-235.

Courses Taught in BME and EE Departments:

ESE559-CSE601 Course: Digital Image Processing II(EE)/Advanced Image Processing(CS).

BME-503 Course: Engineering Principles in Medical Diagnostics.

ESE-670 Course: Instrumentation of Modern Diagnostic Imaging Systems.

Ventural Explore in Virtual Endoscopy & Imaging Informatics:

Viatronix Inc: Early Diagnosis of Abnormalities by Non-Invasive Medical Imaging Means.

Medical OnLine Inc: Digital Medical Imaging Informatics.

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